What to Do Now That You Qualify for Medicare

If you’re getting close to the retirement age of 65, then you’re definitely not alone. Between now and 2030, 10,000 individuals will turn 65 year old- every day! So now it’s time to sign up for Medicare. But Medicare produces many, many questions for a lot of individuals. So here are some things that you should know before/while signing up for Medicare.

  • You are able to sign up for Medicare the moment you turn 65. And you can’t drag your feet either; because any delay in your enrollment for Medicare you could collect some penalties. If you have paid Social Security taxes over the last 10 years, you will get the best coverage.
  • You can enroll three months before your 65th birthday all the way through three months after your birthday. You have six months after your 65th birthday to buy a private supplemental insurance policy, if you so choose and is highly beneficial. However, if you are currently obtaining Social Security, you actually don’t have to do anything. But if you aren’t you will need to sign up for Medicare through the Social Security Administration by either calling or through their website.
  • There are four parts to Medicare and it’s important to know about all of them or you’ll drive yourself nuts.
  • Part A covers most hospital stays, hospice, in home health care, and nursing homes.
  • Part B is medical insurance. This is your general doctors visits, preventive care, any medical equipment, lab tests, mental health & ambulance
  • Part C allows private health companies to provide benefits that are like Medicare like HMOs. You get to choose your own plan.
  • Part D covers Prescription Drug Insurance. However, this is only provided through private insurance companies that are associated(contractually) with the government. If you don’t have part C of Medicare, it is in your best interest to sign up for a drug plan or you will risk a      lot of penalties.

You can find more information at medicare.gov

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Phil Cannella tells Retirees Not to Rely on Social Security

With the recent passing of the bipartisan budget deal by congress, numerous changes have been made to Social Security claiming strategies to effectively reduce benefits in order to close what some term as “loopholes”. Whether these were in fact loopholes or not is another question. The point is; we have to make is that we must consider just how much we should rely on Social Security as part of a retirement plan.

If the changes were not enough, the fact also remains that 2016 will be the third year in 8 years that we will see no Cost Of Living Adjustments, (COLA) being made to one’s social security benefit. Yet it is certainly not true that there is no inflation. Energy prices may have gone down, but many other prices have gone up. Groceries are a great example of this. How the US government expects a retiree to plan their next 20 – 30 years with no COLA is certainly perplexing. Yet this is the crux of why Phil Cannella created his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System. There were too many forces outside of the control of retirees that could explode any great retirement plan, and Phil wanted to take the mysteries and unknowns out of retirement by creating a system that couldn’t be rattled by market forces and by external pressures. While Social Security is a nice additional income source in retirement, Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement System ensures that a retirement plan is sound and complete, with or without and social security planning.

By utilizing financial vehicles that are put together in a carefully arranged system, seniors and retirees who utilize the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System are safe and secure with their investments in these volatile times.

Volkswagen’s Stock Value Alarms Phil Cannella

Perhaps it is now long forgotten, but as recent as the last major stock market crash in 2008/2009, Phil Cannella saw some of the largest U.S. firms, true icons of the “strength” of the American economy, come to a complete collapse. He witnessed General Motors, who filed for bankruptcy and left all stockholders and bondholders empty handed.

Yet this firm and others like it received a nice bailout from the federal government, reappeared on the stock market under a new ticker, and landed huge profits and bonuses for its executives.

Phil Cannella points out that most investors seem to have forgotten about that with their bullish feelings back after the 2012, 2013 and 2014 rocket ride with the S&P and Dow hitting new highs almost every week. Yet the pretty picture changed in 2015 and volatility is back in force. Volkswagen was recently crowned the world’s biggest car manufacturer, taking over the position that Toyota has held for some time.

Yet the recent emissions scandal has not only betrayed the confidence of consumers buying their cars but it has hit their stock market price.

“Volkswagen AG lost almost a quarter of its market value after it admitted to cheating on U.S. air pollution tests for years, putting pressure on Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn to repair the reputation of the world’s biggest carmaker.” http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-09-21/volkswagen-drops-15-after-admitting-u-s-diesel-emissions-cheat

Volkswagen’s stock price has seen a dramatic sell-off, far greater than the industry average and is now almost 60% off its peak of just April this year.

Phil Cannella asks if this is the sort of place a retiree should be invested? Or should a retiree look to safer places where principal protection is the focus rather than potential gains? You cannot hang your hat and retire comfortably while investing in risk. You can however, if you have get educated on the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System.

Phil Cannella Dedicates Crash Proof Retirement Show to 4,000+ Consumers

Last week’s edition of the Crash Proof Retirement Show was dedicated to the 4,000+ area consumers who have achieved a Crash Proof Retirement.

Phil Cannella and Joann Small briefly discussed the first major event of the 2016 Presidential election season. On the heels of last Thursday’s debate among the top contenders for the Republican nomination, Phil Cannella said he liked a lot of what he was hearing. “Don’t you think if we could take a particular ingredient from each of the candidates, you might come up with the perfect President?” he asked.

What does election season mean to listeners in or near retirement? Phil and Joann go to great lengths to educate people around the Philadelphia area on the obstacles to a secure retirement. But the one thing people in the retirement phase need to know are the safe alternatives available to risky investing via Wall Street.

Many Crash Proof consumers today have or held many of the same fears or concerns regarding their nest egg and protecting it well into the golden years. That’s why Phil Cannella and Joann Small dedicated this week’s show to the 4,000+ Crash Proof consumers who now enjoy protection, guarantees and peace of mind in retirement.

Here are just a few comments from those consumers:

“One of my retirement concerns is that the money we’ve worked all these years for—such as a 401(k)— we want to get that into a Crash Proof program and at least keep and sustain what we have and try to accumulate a little more so that we can at least maintain our lifestyle.”

“My retirement concerns are stabilized principal and a steady income stream without the volatility of the stock market especially in today’s economy. The way the stock market is vacillating, my concern is that I do not lose any of my money.”

“Every day the markets are down. I look at what’s happening in Greece and Germany and it concerns me that it will impact our overall market. My concerns are holding on to what I earned and having it grow. I don’t feel confident in mutual funds and corporate bonds.”

“The world is that if a firecracker goes off in New York, the stock market drops 1,000 points. It’s not stable. My retirement concerns are will I have enough money to last a lifetime? The stock market is like a roulette wheel where nobody tells me the rules and my broker just tells me what I have left. I’m concerned if our money will last and will we be able to still live our lifestyle?”

Phil Cannella Encourages Retirees To Avoid Securities

Phil Cannella Stands Against Wall Street Culture

Last week on The Crash Proof Retirement Show, Phil Cannella and co-host Joann Small discussed the dangers of securities for people in retirement, while highlighting some alternative investments in the form of Crash Proof vehicles that are not subject to market risk or fees.

First Senior Financial Group is the home of the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, which operates under a fiduciary responsibility to every one of our clients. That means the client’s best interest is the first priority—in fact, the only priority.

By contrast, Wall Street advisers are trying to make as much money as they can, whether your account makes money or loses money.

“And they’re getting away with it, through heavy commissions and ongoing fees,” Phil Cannella pointed out to listeners.

Phil Cannella And The Crash Proof Retirement System

Crash Proof Vehicles are not securities. They are not subject to market risk, uncertainty, corruption or the lack of fiduciary responsibility that exists on Wall Street. “We are not licensed to sell securities,” Phil Cannella clarified. “Nor would we ever recommend them to investors in or near retirement.”

Just think how many nights you’ve laid awake in bed, thinking about the stock market and worrying that you could lose 30% or 40% in another market crash—as many investors did in 2008? Millions of Americans are in danger of not having enough money to maintain their current standard of living in retirement.

Phil Cannella created the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, He likes to refer to these safe alternatives as “sleep well accounts”, meaning that the client can rest easy, knowing that their retirement nest eggs are safe & secure, allowing them to sleep well at night.

Last week, Phil Cannella cited a report by the Center for American Progress, which found that more than 50% of households will not have enough money in retirement. Don’t run out of money in the recess years of your life—learn more about Crash Proof Retirement today, and complete your American dream.