Phil Cannella Lawsuit – Phil Cannella Prevails in Federal Court

Phil Cannella Lawsuit: Phil Cannella has once again demonstrated that in the face of all adversity it is the truth that shines, it is the truth that survives the lies, it is the truth that will eventually win the day. Someone people’s fortunes in life are such that they care not to make waves, they prefer to settle into the status quo and mind their own business going in whatever direction the waves of fate lead them.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit: This is not the case with Phil Cannella whose mission is life is one that many aspire to but few actually attain. His mission is to reform an industry that is fraught with corruption and to bring about a change where the consumer is put ahead of an advisor’s personal desires. As money is often the focal point of greed and can overcome emotion, it is difficult in the financial services industry to create an aura of consumer advocacy.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit: Again, this is where Phil Cannella truly shines and where he stands out from the crowd as he represents the consumer, he stands for his clients. The success of his Crash Proof Retirement system is truly a testament to this as it is a system that is specifically designed to keep the client’s best interests in mind as a result Phil saw his business grow ten-fold over a period of but a few years.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit: Seeing him take a greater and greater market share while at the same losing market share of their own, some of his competitors, those who aren’t consumer advocates, sought to take him out of business. Through an internet defamation campaign they spewed an avalanche of lies designed to detract potential clients from doing business with him. To add to this, these same hoodlums used other underhanded means such as reaching out to business contacts and business partners to spew their lies to in an attempt to get these entities to several their relationship with Phil Cannella.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit: Little did they realize that truth always pierces the lies and he who wields the sword of truth will pierce the veil of lies. As Phil Cannella often says, he wields the sword of truth and in so doing he has managed to stay the course and keep going in the direction his mission is taking, one of industry reform.

In order to break down this gang of corrupt competitors, Phil had to take the matter into the legal arena and file a lawsuit in federal court. While most people might have given way and moved onto another path in life, for Phil Cannella it was about persevering against this attack and keeping his mission in sight of reforming the financial services industry. Knowing that the truth was there to support him, Phil Cannella pressed for justice against the core people behind the attack. Unfortunately the American justice system is slow and it is costly, so much so that many cannot afford to defend themselves against such attacks. It took some time, it reached deep into his pockets, but at the end of the day Phil Cannella came through as the victor in the legal challenge.

He won a permanent injunction from the federal judge ordering that the defamatory material be taken down from the internet. And he won a spoliation claim against the creator of the website after she failed to preserve evidence material to the case. And even more recently, one of the defendants made a feeble attempt to weasel out of the case by getting all the claims dismissed and the judge struck that down too.

These litigation victories are what they are because Phil Cannella stands for the consumer and upholds the best interests of the consumer while many of these competitors are out to make a quick buck at their expense.