Phil Cannella on Choosing the Right Advisor

Phil CannellaMany investors in this country have been with a broker or wealth manager for decades throughout their working years. As consumer advocates, Phil Cannella and Joann Small realize that your working years are very different than your retired years, financially speaking.

That’s why they stress the importance of working with a Retirement Phase Expert as you end your working career and enter retirement years. Through their over 80 combined years of experience, Phillip Cannella and Joann Small have seen, through their clients, that Wall Street’s risk, fees, and corruption are not appropriate for those in the retirement phase, which is why, as Phil Cannella explains at one of him and Joann Small’s popular Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events, Crash Proof Retirement proudly chooses to not sell, recommend, nor maintain a license in an industry as risky as the securities industry:

“Just like there’s all different types of doctors, there’s all different types of financial advisors. Some financial advisors, all they do is risk management, so they studied or were educated in risk management. It is called a wealth advisor. It’s called a broker. It’s called a registered investment representative. A certified financial planner is a little more versatile in estate planning issues, but you folks have most your money in retirement accounts.

Not one of those areas of advising are experts in your retirement accounts. Here’s another way of looking at it. How about if I had a bad heart. Should I go see the cardiologist on this side or should I go see the proctologist over here? They’re both doctors. They both finished at the top of their class, so why wouldn’t I be able to see this doctor called a proctologist? Because he’s at the wrong end. Think about it. You’ve been through the accumulation phase. You’re at the summit here. You’re at the retirement phase. You need a retirement phase expert. You have a financial proctologist. He’s at the wrong end. I know it sounds funny, but it’s that simple.

We do not sell securities, we do not recommend securities, and we’re not licensed to in the securities industry. Even if I wanted to be licensed to sell securities, I would not be able to keep my license because of the way I talk about that particular industry. They would take my license if I talked and denigrated the industry with the truth, as I do today. So for those reasons, Joann and I are proud to be professionals in the insurance industry, where we can be retirement phase experts and guarantee protection for the money you all worked so hard for.”

If you’re looking for retirement phase experts who are trained in protecting your assets with no market risk or fees, then Phillip Cannella and Joann Small are the consumer advocates for you. Find out what financial peace of mind can do for you. Call 800-722-9728 or visit today to reserve your seat at a Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event near you.