Phil Cannella: A Pioneer in Crash Proofing Retirements

In the 1970s Phil Cannella was a pioneer in developing long-term care insurance, which today helps millions of retired people afford the continuing medical care they need. Phil Cannella chose it as a career after seeing first-hand what could happen to a family if someone needed nursing home care but couldn’t afford it. It’s exactly what happened to Phil Cannella’s grandfather when he was a young man and it had a lasting effect. Phil saw that he could help other families by providing a solution to vitally needed home health care and long term care.

For Phil Cannella this was the catalyst into bigger and better ventures where he could help his fellow man on a much larger scale. Today Phil Cannella educates consumers on a wholesale basis, putting on grand educational events to enlighten attendees on solutions to their retirement problems and concerns. Phil Cannella has continued working with seniors and people in their retired years to ascertain their goals for retirement and work out solutions for them to help achieve their financial goals.

Today, Phil Cannella’s cause is his exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, which provides retirees with a steady source of income in their golden years regardless of the health of the economy, while providing 100% guaranteed protection of principle. Phil Cannella has worked tirelessly for nearly four decades as a senior advocate dedicated to protecting retirees from market risk, unnecessary taxes, and unscrupulous advisors. Phil Cannella started First Senior Financial Group (home of the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System) to promote his consumer-driven model of customer service, and even used his own funds to launch the Crash Proof Retirement radio show, which he uses to bring his message of senior advocacy to hundreds of thousands of listeners each week. With his co-host, Joann Small-CEO of First Senior Financial Group, Phil Cannella makes it’s his mission to fight for the rights of retirees everywhere.