Phil Cannella, Helping Lives One at a Time

When we look over the financial services industry you have to search hard and long to find an investment manager, investment advisor or other financial professional who truly stands by his clients working purely and only in their client’s best interest.

Too often a financial professionals’ mind and judgment is warped by higher commission paying products that are better for themselves but not for the person or investor who has laid faith and trust in them.

This is what separates out Phil Cannella from the rest of the crowd. His interest is the client and testament to that are the thousands of testimonials of his clients who speak words of praise for what he and his team have done for them.

Phil Cannella is motivated to help people as can be witnessed not only in his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System that thousands of people have availed themselves of, but also his community contributions and philanthropic work as can be seen in his donations to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Phil Cannella has worked for decades now as a financial professional, taken the care to understand the concerns of every person who has walked through his doors desiring help with their finances. And Phil Cannella has been there, like the captain of a ship, guiding his team through the hazards that come with navigating the rough waters, and structuring a team that is dedicated to helping American retirees protect their investments from market risk and volatility.

Testimonial after testimonial can be found on his website where people of all walks of life are thanking Phil Cannella for protecting and safeguarding their assets and enabling them to have peace of mind. These are the lives Phil Cannella has so often so tirelessly served.