Phil Cannella Talks Guarantees from Insurance Industry

Phil Cannella recognized long ago that the financial industry lacked any semblance of truth and one of the reasons many retirees lost so much money in each of the last several market crashes of the past decade was the misinformation given by mainstream media that led to people investing in the market.

In contrast, Phil Cannella sought to shed some light on the financial industry through his exclusive Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events, where he educates the everyday consumer on the little known, important bits of information with in the financial industry that are not revealed by mainstream media. Through his Crash Proof educational process, Phil Cannella provides people in or near retired years, with the knowledge and the know-how to make independent decisions on what is right and best for them in retirement.

Through his Crash Proof educational events, Phil Cannella sheds light on the different industries that handle money in this country: Banks, the stock market and insurance companies. He talks about the safety and strength of the insurance industry and how dependable it has been because of its statutory regulations.Here is what some Crash Proof Consumers had to say after attending one of Crash Proof Retirements free educational events:

• “I learned to put everything into insurance, into guaranteed safe insurance.”
• “This is the safe way to go to plan for your retirement. It was the entire presentation, the graphs and what not that specifically showed how well you would have done.”
• “I learned that this could be a safe haven as opposed to being in the stock market and there is a lot of security in this vehicle.”

Phil Cannella’s mission is to educate the everyday investor on safe alternatives to the risk, greed and corruption on Wall Street. Alternatives that provide guaranteed growth, and safety from market declines. These alternatives provide for peace of mind and a means to attain one’s retirement dreams.