Phil Cannella tells Retirees Not to Rely on Social Security

With the recent passing of the bipartisan budget deal by congress, numerous changes have been made to Social Security claiming strategies to effectively reduce benefits in order to close what some term as “loopholes”. Whether these were in fact loopholes or not is another question. The point is; we have to make is that we must consider just how much we should rely on Social Security as part of a retirement plan.

If the changes were not enough, the fact also remains that 2016 will be the third year in 8 years that we will see no Cost Of Living Adjustments, (COLA) being made to one’s social security benefit. Yet it is certainly not true that there is no inflation. Energy prices may have gone down, but many other prices have gone up. Groceries are a great example of this. How the US government expects a retiree to plan their next 20 – 30 years with no COLA is certainly perplexing. Yet this is the crux of why Phil Cannella created his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System. There were too many forces outside of the control of retirees that could explode any great retirement plan, and Phil wanted to take the mysteries and unknowns out of retirement by creating a system that couldn’t be rattled by market forces and by external pressures. While Social Security is a nice additional income source in retirement, Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement System ensures that a retirement plan is sound and complete, with or without and social security planning.

By utilizing financial vehicles that are put together in a carefully arranged system, seniors and retirees who utilize the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System are safe and secure with their investments in these volatile times.