Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella Learns a Lesson in Life from Dad

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella is a man who certainly went to the school of hard knocks. Having learned many lessons in life from life itself, this experience is what has given Phil Cannella substance and strength during times of adversity.

One of the great lessons Phil Cannella learned was from his dad, and in Phil Cannella’s own words it goes like this, “Then it hit me, I thought of what my dad always taught me. ‘It’s not what happens in life that decides the outcome, it’s how you react to what happens in life that decides the outcome!’ I thought of all the times in my younger life when I was a little boy and wanted to give up. My dad would say, ‘You can’t quit!’ and I’d say, ‘Why not, dad?’ He replied, ‘Winners never quit and quitters will never win! Besides, like me, your name is Phil Cannella, not Phil Can’t-nella.’ When I thought of the long hours and how hard my Dad worked to save our house, he demonstrated to us all, without ever complaining, that we don’t have to accept the cards life deals out to us. We can all be successful if we never quit and do something about our situation to change it.”

It was the cumulative experiences such as these that have given Phil Cannella the strength to go on in hard times and come up with solutions that not only help himself or his family, but help many lead better or happier lives.


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    Phil Cannella – Champion of Consumer Advocacy
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